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Dental Fillings in Rochester

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Most children and adults have plaque that develops cavities and tooth decay that requires dental filling in Rochester, NY. Tooth fillings are perhaps the most common procedure in the dental industry, and people often have a few options as to the type, purpose, and aesthetics. The Adina Family  Dental Care team offers a first-class team of dental professionals who can ensure your experience is smooth and stress-free, especially for a dental filling in Rochester, NY.

What Are Dental Fillings?

The primary purpose of dental fillings is to treat cavities in infants, children, and adults. Our dental professionals recommend filling these cavities before they lead to root canals and other oral health conditions. Fillings protect teeth, sealing the hole against plaque, food debris, and other causes of decay.

Our Rochester dentists might use fillings to fix broken or chipped teeth, as well. Most cavities become apparent during a routine cleaning session or through digital x-ray imaging, and fillings are quick to add to the appointment schedule. These procedures also improve in efficiency each year as technology improves, and Adina Family Dental Care has state-of-the-art dental equipment to ensure our patients have access to smooth and effective fillings. 

At Adina Family Dental Care, we take pride in our cost-effective and relatively painless filling process that ensures a stress-free experience for our patients. In addition, our dental professionals are careful to create a soothing environment that puts patients of all ages at ease, and we do everything to the highest standards.

  • The first step is to apply a local anesthetic to not feel anything in the area where we perform our filling procedure.
  • Once the infected area is numb, our dental professionals remove the decaying part of your tooth, clean the cavity, and remove food debris or plaque before applying the filling material.
  • The time will depend on the number of dental cavities you have—it takes about twenty minutes to perform one dental filling.

Types of Fillings

There are many types of fillings that your dentist may apply to your teeth. Typically, you can choose whichever material you like, and our dentists will happily explain each choice’s strengths and weaknesses.

Cast Gold Fillings

Gold provides a filling that has a long lifespan. Typical gold dental fillings should last up to fifteen years, and these hardy fillings do not suffer from corrosion, though a little more expensive. However, cast gold fillings are durable enough to withstand powerful chewing motions for a long time yet.

Silver Fillings

Another durable filling is silver or amalgam fillings. Like gold fillings, amalgams should last over fifteen years and support strong chewing motions. These fillings are less expensive than gold cast fillings, but they are also the most visible type and may not naturally blend into your mouth.

Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings

Opt for tooth-colored composite fillings if aesthetics are important to you, and you want fillings that look like natural teeth. These materials use a quick curing light for rapid results, and our dental professionals customize composite fillings to match your exact tooth color. Most people won’t even notice that you have had a filling, but the material only lasts for around five years on average.

Filling Precautions

Are you scheduled for a dental filling in Rochester, NY? After our team performs this quick and painless procedure, there are a few things to consider:

  • Dietary restrictions depend on the filling type. If you receive metal fillings, we recommend not ingesting any solid foods for 24 hours after your procedure. Composite fillings do not have restrictions on what you can eat or drink straight afterward.
  • It takes time to adjust to the feel of your dental fillings. At first, you may be prone to biting cheeks, lips, or tongue until the anesthesia wears off entirely. The awkwardness dissipates a little each day, and your mouth adjusts to the presence of the new filling without discomfort.
  • Avoid sticky or chewy foods after a filling. Sticky or chewy sweets and other foods are more likely to cause issues by sticking to your fillings or even pulling them out.

It would help to avoid hot and iced beverages for a couple of weeks until the sensitivity settles.

Dental fillings are an essential part of fighting tooth decay and strengthening your teeth. These procedures also help you avoid several oral health issues, such as root canals and gum disease. Call Adina Family Dental Care at (585) 227-4900 today to schedule an appointment and explore the possibilities for your dental filling in Rochester, NY.