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Dentures in Rochester, NJ

Full and Partial Dentures in Rochester, NY

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Missing teeth and tooth decay are two of the top reasons people seek dental restoration. However, it can be challenging to find an affordable and long-lasting solution. Fortunately, dentures give you a natural-looking, convenient result without breaking the bank.

At Adina Family Dental Care we make obtaining the smile of your dreams accessible by offering high-quality replacement teeth options that feel and look like your own teeth. So whether you’re considering dentures for the very first time or you’re looking for an improved alternative to your current dentures, our experts can help you decide the best treatment plan for your smile.

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Partial vs. Full Dentures

Deciding whether dentures are right for you is only half the battle of restoring your smile. Next, you will have to work with your dentist to determine what treatment plans to pursue. At Adina Family Dental Care, we offer partial and full denture options.

Full Dentures

Traditional (or full) dentures are a teeth replacement option built to replace all teeth in the upper or lower region of the mouth. All teeth in either area must be extracted before installing the new teeth. While the gums heal from extraction, your dentist will provide you with temporary dentures, also called same-day dentures.

Temporary dentures allow you to walk out of the office with your smile intact while we mold your permanent dentures to fit your mouth snugly.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a tooth replacement option that fills in spaces with missing teeth. You can choose from metal, acrylic, and metal-free options for your tooth replacement, and often you may be able to get same-day partial dentures. Our medical team at Adina Family Dental Care can work with you to identify the best option for your unique dental needs.

What to Expect After Getting Dentures

Undergoing teeth replacement can be a nerve-wracking experience, causing you to have many questions about the process. Here are a few things you can expect after getting dentures for the first time.

The Look

At Adina Family Dental Care, we design our custom dentures to mimic the look and feel of your natural teeth. Our team never compromises on the quality of material or techniques we use, so you can rest assured that we will create a seamless smile every time.

The Feel

It’s normal to feel awkward when you have a new set of dentures. As a result, you may find yourself having a difficult time speaking and eating as you usually would. However, this is part of the process, and with time and practice, your mouth will become accustomed to your new teeth.

However, if your teeth begin to feel loose or cause sores, this means your dentures need an adjustment. Well-fitting dentures should fit snugly in the mouth without causing pain. Our team is happy to help you modify your teeth to your liking.

The Maintenance

We recommend that you wear them constantly, even while sleeping. Doing so allows your dentures to act as a bandage, allowing them to heal while your gums heal. After this initial period, take your dentures out and perform oral maintenance like brushing your gums, tongue, and roof of your mouth. However, if you have partial dentures, you can brush and floss your teeth.

Additionally, you must clean full dentures using a specialized denture cleaner along with regular cleaning with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Dentures can last between five to eight years, and the better shape they’re in, the longer their lifespan.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Dentures in Rochester, NY?

At Adina Family Dental Care, we believe in putting a confident smile within your reach. Experience has taught us that each smile is different and deserves the care and attention of dental experts. Because of this, the price of custom dentures can vary. When quoting a price for your dentures, we consider the following:

  • Materials used
  • Partial vs. full denture installation
  • Procedures: tooth extraction, contouring, etc.
  • The method used to secure

We make it easy to secure the smile you deserve by providing upfront, transparent quotes.


Tooth loss doesn’t have to mean the end for your smile. Our dentists at Adina Family Dental Care can help you regain your confidence. Get dentures in Rochester, NY today. Call now at 585-227-4900.