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Full Mouth Restoration in Rochester

Professional Full-Mouth Restoration in Rochester, NY

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Significant tooth loss can negatively impact a person’s confidence and quality of life. Loss of multiple teeth can happen for many reasons, including genetics, dental disease, physical trauma, or decay. Beyond tooth loss, other conditions can impact the shape, size, and durability of natural teeth in ways that make it difficult to chew, speak, or smile. 

At Adina Family Dental Care, we know how important healthy, strong teeth are for a person’s wellbeing. We offer comprehensive restorative dentistry services, including full-mouth restoration in Rochester, NY. Keep reading to learn more about what a full-mouth restoration provides, or call 585-227-4900 with your questions today. 

What Is a Full-Mouth Restoration? 

Full-mouth restoration procedures consist of general, restorative, and reconstructive dentistry services. Dental experts perform these procedures together to replace missing teeth, repair damage, correct jaw alignment, and more.

Full restorations typically involve both upper and lower sets of teeth and utilize multiple restorative materials, including crowns, bridges, veneers, and more. As a result, patients enjoy a fully restored smile that is bright, functional, and healthy. 

What Are the Benefits of a Full-Mouth Restoration

While full-mouth dental reconstructions can be a long process, these procedures have several advantages for patients. Bright, healthy smiles restore overall quality of life in patients by: 

  •     Improving health and eliminating the risk of dental infection
  •     Boosting self-confidence with bright, healthy-looking teeth
  •     Improving sleep
  •     Correcting speech issues
  •     Avoiding the discomfort experienced by denture wearers
  •     Improving the ability to eat, drink, and more

Full-mouth restorations also offer comprehensive solutions to tooth loss or decay. This means that patients have most or all dental issues evaluated and resolved rather than using temporary or partial solutions. 


At Adina Family Dental Care, every dental procedure begins with a thorough dental examination. First, we will examine existing tooth structures, including tooth material, gums, joints, and jaw muscles. Next, our experts will take x-rays and impressions to evaluate the current health and state of the patient’s mouth. 

Next, our dentists will recommend a series of procedures based on what the patient needs and can afford. Together, the dentist and patient will form a comprehensive plan for procedures, timelines, office visits, and more. 

Components of a Full-Mouth Restoration

Full-mouth restoration involves several different dental procedures that target specific issues. General dentistry may be necessary, including extractions, fillings, cleanings, and more. These dentists will perform these maintenance procedures first before moving on to major restorative procedures. Patients can choose which method suits their budgets, but dental professionals always recommend the best course of action for optimal dental health and comfort.


Dental crowns are prosthetic teeth to protect or replace severely damaged or missing teeth. These prosthetics look and feel like natural teeth and can be implanted into the jaw using surgical procedures or used as a “cap” over damaged teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are extremely thin tooth coverings designed to improve natural teeth’ look, feel, and bite. Dentists will buff and etch the teeth, apply a bonding solution, and seal the veneers to teeth using a special curing light. Veneers typically last 10 to 15 years and are both durable and affordable. 

Dentures and Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are affordable tooth replacement choices for people who have lost one or more major teeth. A row of custom prosthetic teeth is held by special fittings attached to surrounding teeth.

Dentures are complete sets of removable replacement teeth that fit over gums or between existing teeth. Full or partial dentures are available, depending on a patient’s needs. 

Dental Implants

Dental implants can carry a high price tag but offer a permanent, natural-looking replacement for teeth lost to decay, gum disease, or other issues. These implants work best to replace individual lost teeth, while implant-supported dentures are an excellent choice for those replacing complete sets of upper or lower teeth. 

Recovery Time For a Full-Mouth Restoration

Because full-mouth restoration involves multiple dental restorations and other procedures, patients may experience cumulative and lengthy recovery times. Compassionate dental professionals like our team at Adina Family Dental Care will always work with patients to space and plan procedures in a way that ensures every patient is comfortable and capable during the full-mouth restoration process. 

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