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Nightguard & Mouthguard

Protect Your Teeth with Nightguards/Mouthguards in Rochester, NY

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Grinding or clenching your teeth can end up causing several oral health issues. Fortunately, you can protect your teeth from damage with nightguards or mouthguards in Rochester, NY. In addition, you can reach out to our team at Adina Family Dental Care for help.

We can help you get a customized mouthguard designed to reduce teeth grinding and protect your oral health.

Nightguards vs. Mouthguards in Rochester

You can take steps to stop grinding your teeth with the use of a nightguard or a mouthguard. While these tools function in much the same way, they do have a few differences.


You can wear nightguards while you sleep. These guards may be a little larger than mouthguards because you only put them in after you finish doing things for the day. In addition, we can personalize your guard to fit the shape of your mouth and teeth.


Generally, individuals get mouthguards to wear while they play sports. Athletic events – like football – can lead to injuries like:

  • Broken teeth
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Cuts to the gums or tongue

Wearing sports mouthguards can help limit the risk of experiencing oral injuries. You can reach out to us if you want nightguards or mouthguards in Rochester, NY.

Types of Mouthguards

You can find three main “types” of mouthguards. First, you may select a pre-made mouthguard from the store – typically a one-size-fits-all solution, often fitting uncomfortably in your mouth. Second, you may also buy a boil and bite mouthguard.

You heat a boil and bite mouthguard, then take an impression of your teeth while the material is soft. Unfortunately, these mouthguards also offer limited amounts of comfort. 

Finally, you may purchase a custom-made mouthguard designed to fit your mouth. Which type of mouthguard is right for you? Many experts recommend custom mouthguards, as they’re less likely to injure you while you wear them, and they feel much more comfortable.


Many people wear nightguards to stop themselves from grinding their teeth at night. Dentists use the term “bruxism” to describe this kind of tooth grinding (or clenching). While grinding your teeth may sound like a minor inconvenience, the issue can result in:

  •     Damage to your teeth
  •     Pain in your neck and face
  •     The development of periodontal disease
  •     Insomnia and fatigue
  •     Earaches and tinnitus

Nightguards or mouthguards in Rochester, NY, may help you reduce the amount of bruxism you experience. Nightguards fit directly between your upper and lower teeth, preventing you from grinding them together, even while you sleep.

Prevent TMJ Disorder with a Nightguard

Constantly grinding your teeth can hurt your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Continuous grinding can eventually cause the effects of TMJ disorder. Generally, this disorder causes pain in the face, neck, and jaw at first.

You can address this issue before it becomes more severe by wearing a special nightguard when you sleep. However, allowing TMJ disorder to progress can lead to additional problems, and over time, some patients with TMJ may be unable to open their mouths.

We can help fit you for a nightguard, allowing you to protect your oral health and comfort. Our team can also provide you with information about sleep apnea and TMJ disorder. In some situations, special oral appliances can also help address this medical issue.

Take Care of Your Mouthguard or Nightguard

A custom-made nightguard or mouthguard may last you for decades if you care for it properly. On the other hand, over-the-counter guards may wear out after only six months. Properly caring for your mouthguard involves:

  •     Keeping it in its hard case when not using it
  •     Brushing it regularly with toothpaste and warm water
  •     Soaking it in a dental solution once a week

You can help prevent bacteria buildup by carefully drying your mouthguard after using it or cleaning it. Taking these steps can help you prolong the life of the mouthguard. You can easily take your mouthguard with you on trips or to sporting events, but we recommend keeping it in a secure location whenever possible.

Contact Us to Get a Mouthguard or Nightguard

In Rochester, NY, nightguards, and mouthguards can help you feel more comfortable while you sleep and protect your teeth while playing sports. You can reach out to Adina Family Dental Care to get a customized guard. Find out more about setting up a fitting by calling us at (585) 227-4900.