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Oral Cancer Screening in Rochester

Protect Yourself with Oral Cancer Screening in Rochester, NY

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The faster you can detect it, the better your chances of managing the risk factors and fighting off oral cancer. Screening in Rochester, NY, is a vital service, and Adina Family Dental Care would be happy to walk you through the basics of this potentially life-saving diagnostic tool. Our dental professionals are well-versed in detecting cancer signs that may help accelerate your treatment, and the best place to start is with our hi-tech oral cancer screening in Rochester, NY.

Oral Cancer Symptoms

Awareness is key, and oral cancer produces a few notable signs that may alert you to the potential diagnosis. Experiencing these symptoms typically comes in the wake of minor conditions, such as cankers or other mouth sores, but it is best to be safe. Seek assistance from our dental professionals at Adina Family Dental Care if you notice the following:

Patches in Your Mouth

If you notice blotchy patches on the tongue or gums, consult our dental professional as soon as possible. These patches are typically red or white. It could indicate a less critical oral health condition, but it is wise to check with preventative oral cancer screening in Rochester, NY.


When you feel a significant lump inside the mouth, it could cause concern but avoid worrying; instead, schedule an appointment with our competent dental team. Mouth sores and cankers can also lead to lumps in your mouth; tumors are rare.


If you notice your mouth frequently bleeds, oral cancer could be the culprit. However, bleeding could also indicate other conditions like gingivitis, sensitive teeth, or poor oral hygiene. So be sure to ask our dental clinic for a thorough check at your next appointment.

Teeth Misalignment

Perhaps the most common symptom of oral cancer is a change in how your teeth meet when you bite down or chew on something. If you notice a shift in your teeth alignment, consult a dentist immediately.

Our Screening Methods

Oral cancer screenings are non-invasive and quick procedures. Adina Family Dental Care’s team performs hundreds of oral cancer screenings each year, and we stand by the potential these screenings have to save lives. Awareness is important, and you will find that our dentists remind you about oral cancer screening in Rochester, NY. In addition, you may want them to perform an oral cancer exam during your appointment so that our dental office can help you restore your peace of mind in a familiar environment.

The screening process is primarily visual, which is why you should report any concerns about your oral health to your dentist at Adina Family Dental Care. In addition, if you experience any of the symptoms above, make an appointment to see us so that you can take proactive steps to check for cancer and launch potential treatments early if the results come back positive.

How To Prevent Oral Cancer

Our dentist will use protective gloves to examine your cheeks and mouth for lumps or other abnormalities during the screening. Oral cancer can affect several areas, so the process is thorough. However, you should not feel any discomfort, and our dental professionals offer a calming presence and gentle touch. 

We will also inform you if we have any digital equipment to help detect oral cancer. However, the best approach is to come to us for regular oral cancer screening in Rochester, NY. Many types of cancer are unpredictable, and regular checks offer early detection.

It is also wise to avoid alcohol abuse and tobacco products, such as chewing tobacco, both common causes of cancer. Our dental professionals regularly see how minor problems can exacerbate or trigger more critical conditions, so looking after your teeth well does wonders for your prospects. The best preventative measure is to maintain excellent hygiene through brushing, flossing, and rinsing to fight plaque, tartar, and other dangerous elements for oral health. 

The dentist may also ask to take a biopsy during your oral cancer screening. The procedure is only necessary for testing an infected area, and an oral surgeon will remove the tissue with little pain or discomfort. But, again, these tests help us identify concerning abnormalities, including oral cancer.

Adina Family Dental Care is honored to provide all our patients with comprehensive screening opportunities. Call us at (585) 227-4900 today for affordable oral cancer screening in Rochester, NY.