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Teeth Cleaning in Rochester, NY

Protect Your Health with Quality Teeth Cleaning in Rochester, NY

Teeth cleanings not only give you sparkling teeth – but also protect your oral health. Book your appointment at 585-227-4900!

Having your teeth cleaned is a task many people would prefer to pay off indefinitely. But that time spent in the dentist’s chair is crucial for managing and protecting your natural teeth and implants. Getting regular checkups can spare you from more serious dental problems later on.

At Adina Family Dental Care, our semi-annual teeth cleanings in Rochester, NY, consist of more than a cleaning. Our dentists will check the health of your bones and gums. They’ll also work to alleviate any issues that can affect your oral health over time.

What Do Teeth Cleanings Do?

Brushing and flossing at home maintain good oral hygiene between dental visits. Still, professional dental cleanings can provide a more intricate cleaning that removes calculus and plaque. In addition, our special dental instruments work harder than the average toothbrush at removing buildup and deposits on and between your teeth.

On top of diminishing plaque and bacteria, dental cleanings will:

  • Remove a harder form of plaque known as tartar
  • Reverse staining caused by coffee, tea, and red wine
  • Clean buildup along the gum line
  • Prevent or remedy periodontal diseases and health risks

How Dental Cleanings Help the Future of Your Oral Health

When you walk into our office for teeth cleaning in Rochester, NY, we’ll first seat you for tooth x-rays. Our dental hygienist will also inspect your teeth and gums further after cleaning. By doing so, they can catch gum disease, receding gums, and damaged or chipped teeth that need fixing.

Our team will check for several issues during your examination, including cavities, gingivitis, and periodontitis. Many of these diseases worsen over time and lead to tooth loss and pain. While they are treatable, catching them early with regular checkups is best.

The Steps of a Teeth Cleaning Session

We provide a thorough cleaning during every visit. Our dental hygienists spend up to an hour with each patient. New patients will have the chance to ask questions, get x-rays, and decide on procedures for existing issues.

Step One: Observations

The dental hygienist will use a concave mirror to identify any imperfections. Taking note of these issues will prevent further damage and the teeth, gums, or jawbones. The dentist will also determine tartar or plaque buildup that they will remove during the cleaning.

Step Two: Loosening Debris

The first thing your dental hygienist will do is remove evident pieces of debris between your teeth. Next, they will use an Ultrasonic Cavitron Machine to loosen food particles, stubborn plaque, and tartar and rinse them away with water.

Step Three: Scaling Your Teeth

Next, the hygienist will use a manual tool called a scaler to clean excess tartar and plaque left untouched by the last step. This hooked instrument cleans the tooth’s surface, the space between the teeth, and the gumline.

Step Four: Polishing Your Teeth

Our hygienists use a prophylaxis paste to remove the last of the tartar and plaque. This mildly abrasive paste has finer grits that scratch away the remaining buildup. However, it’s not abrasive enough to roughen the surface of your teeth or damage the enamel.

Prophy paste also tends to shine and smooth your teeth. This polish creates the smile our patients adore.

Procedures Similar to Dental Cleanings

Dental care starts with finding the right cleaning for you. While prophylaxis, the procedure described above, is the most common type of dental cleaning, numerous methods resemble it. Each process targets an imperfection in the tooth or gums, remedying it.

Aside from our teeth cleaning in Rochester, NY, some of our dental procedures include:

  • Full Mouth Debridement: Patients with an unusual plaque buildup may require full mouth debridement. Unlike prophylaxis, this procedure is a pre-treatment for a set of periodontal treatments. Together, these treatments remove the plaque covering the teeth and gums.
  • Periodontal Maintenance: Periodontal maintenance occurs more frequently than prophylaxis. Patients with gum disease or other periodontal diseases should receive a cleaning every three to four months. These cleanings mainly prevent the advancement of these diseases.
  • Deep Cleanings: Deep cleanings are common with gum disease or other gum irritations. They consist of non-surgical root planing and scaling. The periodontist works under the gum tissues during this procedure and removes tartar close to the roots. This prevents bacteria and buildup from further threatening your gum health.

For teeth cleaning in Rochester, NY, count on Adina Family Dental Care. Our hygienists and periodontists want to transform your insecurities into your best smile yet. Call us at 585-227-4900 to schedule a consultation or make an appointment today!