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TMD/TMJ treatment

What to Know About TMD/TMJ Treatment in Rochester, NY

It feels like agony when you suffer from mild to severe TMJ or TMD pain. If opening or closing your mouth causes neck, ear, or face pain, contact Adina Family Dental Care at (585) 227-4900 to schedule an appointment.

What is TMJ? Your jaw acts as a hinge, so you have a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) on each side of your jaw. Various causes can cause TMJ disorder, but we can treat the mildest to most severe cases successfully so you can return to normal activities.

Symptoms of TMJ

Hearing clicking or feeling a grating sensation in your jaw joint is not normal. In addition, when you have chronic pain in your jaw, it is frequently accompanied by a limitation of movement. Together, these form the characteristic symptoms of TMJ. 

Other symptoms are not quite as indicative of TMJ disorder. These include:

  •     Facial and aching pain
  •     Tenderness and pain in the jaw area
  •     Headaches
  •     Difficulty chewing
  •     Locking jaw
  •     Limited jaw mobility
  •     Lightheadedness and vertigo

We have a solution for you when you experience these symptoms and need TMD/TMJ treatment in Rochester, NY. Contact us at (585) 227-4900 for a thorough evaluation. 

Causes of TMJ

While the specific causes of TMD and TMJ are sometimes hard to pinpoint, common causes include grinding the teeth at night. Many sufferers exhibit stress by grinding or clenching their teeth at night, resulting in a lack of restful sleep and causing more stress. 

Another common cause is arthritis in the joints that brings chronic pain. When arthritis damages the cartilage in the joint, you will experience pain when opening and closing your mouth. 

If you suffer a blow to the jaw, the joint becomes misaligned and no longer works properly. Left untreated, the joint will wear down over time, causing worse pain and discomfort. 

Goals of TMD/TMJ Treatment

Proper treatment of TMD and TMJ involves decreasing the pain associated with this disorder. Another goal is to restore good movement and function of the jaw and mouth. Restoring the range of motion in your mouth and jaw should help alleviate some ongoing pain.

TMJ Treatment Methods

Treatment methods vary according to how advanced the chronic pain and discomfort are for you. AS outlined below, most TMJ dentists will begin with the simplest approach and progress to the most advanced in searching for a remedy.

  • Physical therapy: Physical therapy pinpoints the contracted muscles that accompany this disorder. Special exercises help increase the range of motion and relax the fatigued muscles, while heat/ice therapy improves circulation and relaxes tension in the jaw.
  • Massage: Massaging the jaws helps relieve tension and relax the jaw muscles that clench and cause difficulty opening or closing the mouth.
  • Mouthguard: A custom mouthguard helps keep the teeth from touching each other at night. This is an effective way to reduce or eliminate grinding the teeth while sleeping. Because the mouthguard keeps your teeth apart and stops them from grinding, you also get a good night of rest, increasing your energy and reducing pain.
  • Filing the teeth: If your bite is not aligned correctly, filing the teeth is a helpful approach. This balances the bite. In addition, Invisalign helps correct an unbalanced bite.
  • Sleep therapy: Sleep apnea and heavy snoring are other contributors to TMD/TMJ. Palatal expanders will open the airways and reduce the symptoms and pain. 
  • Surgery: Surgery is a last resort for most patients. When a TMJ/TMD intracapsular condition has been confirmed with an MRI, and the disorder has not responded to any other treatment, surgery is the final treatment option. Even then, a TMJ dentist will start with the least invasive surgery to seek a remedy. 

Where to Find TMD/TMJ Treatment in Rochester, NY

Suffering from chronic pain in the jaw, mouth, and face is not something to ignore. When you don’t seek treatment for your TMD/TMJ, the problem only worsens, and your quality of life decreases. In addition, the increased deterioration and inflammation of the joint will only serve to make the pain intolerable. 

At Adina Family Dental Care, we have the expertise and experience to make the proper diagnosis. Because TMJ is difficult to treat, we offer TMD/TMJ treatment in Rochester, NY, that serves our patients in the most effective way possible. 

From the least invasive solution to a surgical correction, we aim to relieve your pain so you can get back to doing the things you love. Contact us at (585) 227-4900 and speak with a team member to schedule an appointment. Your comfort is our priority!

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