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Digital Dental X-rays in Rochester


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When dental professionals cannot diagnose an oral health condition with the naked eye, the best course of action is to utilize digital x-rays in Rochester, NY. Adina Family Dental Care offers to take a digital x-ray at their state-of-the-art facility and as one of the top dental providers in the area. In addition, our services help uncover hidden issues during a general cleaning session to diagnose root canal needs, cavities, and signs of oral cancer.

What is a Digital X-Ray?

Adina Family Dental Care provides state-of-the-art dental solutions that help our patients protect their oral health more effectively. Dental professionals use these types of tools to perform an in-depth examination of your teeth, gums, and jaw. It is quick and accurate, detecting various oral health conditions, such as broken bones, tooth decay, and more. 

The best treatment and recovery plan also uses reliable digital x-rays in Rochester, NY. Seeing the oral health issues clearly via x-ray allows Adina Family Dental Care’s professionals to determine the most helpful resolutions for each patient’s unique needs. X-rays are also a precautionary measure after the routine teeth cleaning session or when the dentist suspects a deeper problem inside the teeth or gums.

If you are going to a first appointment at Adina Family Dental Care, you can expect to go for full x-rays of the mouth so that the dental team can analyze your current oral health. It is best to take advantage of digital x-rays about once a year to keep up with your teeth and gum changes. During the x-ray, you will need to bite down for a few seconds while the x-ray loads, allowing us to examine your teeth and jaw structure more clearly.

If you have had recent x-rays at another clinic, the dental team would be happy to use this data as a starting point instead. Be sure to let our dental professionals know if you have some of your x-rays on hand to add to your file.

Digital X-Ray Images vs. Traditional X-Ray Images

There are many differences between traditional and digital x-rays in Rochester, NY—here are three of the most important considerations:

Digital X-Rays Have Lower Radiation

The primary difference between traditional and digital x-rays is the amount of radiation each requires to craft the image. Digital x-rays are far superior to old-school technology, requiring approximately 90% less radiation to provide consistent results. However, exposing yourself to radiation can carry critical health risks, so it is better to be safe by opting for Adina Family Dental Care’s low-radiation digital x-rays in Rochester, NY.

Digital Imagery Creates Better Resolution

The second advantage of digital x-rays is the higher-quality resolution compared to traditional x-ray images. As a result, it makes it easier for Adina Family Dental Care’s dental professionals to detect and diagnose oral health conditions with pinpoint accuracy. Dentists can even spot problems before they impact you, such as the formation of cavities and tooth decay.

Digital X-Ray Monitors Simplify the Process

A handy monitor displays the scan for all our digital x-rays in Rochester, NY. A traditional x-ray machine meant the dentist had to print a roll of film with an indefinite image to determine any issues that may affect your oral health. Our team can now zoom in with a digital monitor, make more accurate diagnoses, and brighten or darken the image for better clarity and instant solutions.


Research commonly seeks to link radiation exposure to cancer development in the same way that medical professionals connect ongoing sun exposure to certain cancers. However, digital x-rays and traditional x-rays do not expose you to unhealthy radiation levels, and as dental technology improves, it becomes even safer. Digital x-rays also have much less radiation than a traditional machine, so the effects are entirely inconsequential.

Today’s x-ray machines employ minute amounts of radiation, and side effects are almost non-existent for dental digital x-rays. In Rochester, NY, our dental professionals feel completely safe using these machines daily and safer with each passing year that the digital x-ray technology continues to improve. An added benefit is that digital x-rays are cheaper and consistently offer high-quality output. 

X-rays are vital to detect signs of oral health conditions, and digital versions are the most efficient choice compared to traditional x-rays. If you need emergency dentistry services, you can depend on Adina Family Dental Care to provide urgent care through quick and affordable digital x-rays in Rochester, NY—call us at (585) 227-4900 today to schedule an appointment.